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Interior Painting

There is nothing like a nice coat of paint to make a room, a house or any space come alive -- but a paint job is only as good as the Nashville painter doing it!

At Cates Custom Works we know how to paint the interior of your home:
  • How to properly prepare the surface.
  • Which paints to use in each situation.
  • How to complete each painting project in a timely fashion

Our interior paint jobs are rated high by Middle TN homeowners who have given us great recommendations. We do all kinds of paint jobs from small apartments to large luxury houses.

Not every painter can properly paint an interior!
Nashville TN Custom Paint
Have you ever seen latex paint peeling from an improperly prepared oil based paint? For surfaces previously coated with an oil-based product it is preferable to convert to an acrylic, (water-based) paint. It is critical for the adhesion of the new coating to properly prep the surface. We take great pride in our process. We thoroughly sand the entire surface to provide a surface profile for the primer to “bite into”. Many painters if they do this stop there. We take it one step further by using a product called PASO. It is designed to clean and “soften” the very hard oil-based paint to provide even greater adhesion. We then use a top quality primer and usually two finish coats to provide a very beautiful and equally important, long lasting finish. Many “professional” painters have no idea how to properly prepare interior surfaces. It takes a trained eye and years of experience to know how to produce professional quality results on interior doors, cabinets, trim and moldings.
Custom Painted Interior
Let us become your Middle TN interior paint specialist. We have the know-how and we won't empty your savings accounts! With our proven professionalism and experience, we can show you how to transform your biggest investment, your home, into a work of art that you and your friends may enjoy for a lifetime.
Faux Painting

We are proud to offer a full compliment of faux finishes from simple two and three color techniques to more artistic murals and textured finishes. We can work with you to help you determine what suits your taste and budget.

Walls are always prepped correctly and inspected upon estimate to determine what work needs to be done. All surfaces are covered and protected and there is an unmatched attention to detail you will not find anywhere else.
Faux Finished Foyer
If you are looking for a professional faux finishing contractor in Nashville, please call us today at 1-615-405-3948 or complete our online request form.
Exterior Painting

Nobody matches our detailed finishes and painstaking preparation. Every house is power washed, prepped, patched, primed and re-primed for a superior base that paint can be applied to. We also offer complete wood replacement and repairs. Like all of our work we offer great warranties and free estimates. All personal belongings are carefully moved or double masked for protection. All plants are properly covered with canvas cloths to avoid over spray and plastic burning.
Exterior Wood Care

With the cost of lumber going up everyday it just makes sense to protect your outside wood products such as decks, privacy fence and wood siding. Over time wood products will turn gray loosing its preserver along with its natural color. We all know this not only shortens the life of wood but, also isn't the best look. Many believe they need to replace with new wood but are overwhelmed with today's high prices on lumber.

Replacing is not always the only alternative. Many times the wood is still very sturdy and only needs to be cleaned with low pressure and resealed or restained . Give us a call before replacing any wood on your property. You will be amazed !